The key to working with #craft #cannabis #farming is patience. Knowing there are several partners who need to agree on the finished Almadula Farms website, I was able to relax into the process of gathering page names, copy text, images, & pertinent information to create the infrastructure. 

We developed with the #Squarespace software for all the reasons I love it, and also for the clients to easily manage after launch. I am glad to see new features every time I launch a new site, and grateful that we once again created something #original & visually striking. 

The images we choose for the clients website and how we we arrange them continue to make an impression upon the user's experience. I am happy we used 100% #authentic images from their #indoor farming operation. 

A lot of people have amazing images of their #brand in action, but they lack the experience of curating and arranging their best images to tell a story. This is where I help people shine. For a complimentary consultation on #branding, #webdesign, #asset #management

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