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Working with this client was a dream because he came prepared with years of high quality photos, and tons of ViP's that loved the brand. Being based in Brentwood, California for over 2 decades helped create a strong culture surrounding the brand. Giving the clients what they want (photos & info), and where they want it (in their eyes), was the first priority. If you don't already have professional photographs or ViP's that love your brand, I can help you with that as well. 

Because the client offers a variety of services and events, it was necessary to create a hierarchy of information, so the website user gets all the detailed information they need when they go looking for it. The objective for this client was to let the gorgeous photos and the attractive offers speak for themselves. The design would be bold in some places such as the red navigation, but uncluttered and subtle throughout. We started with a simple yet tasteful logo design, and then moved on to the website curation.


Fortunately, the client had an amazing bio to add to his website. This being the first page, it helped establish the man, & the myth in a very concise manner. Having a strong clientele in Los Angeles and globally allowed him to build a thriving social network on all major platforms. The clients network became a factor when we began testing with Facebook Advertising & LinkedIn posting. The results we had with web marketing were remarkable, thus emboldening our spirit for the process. If you don't already have thriving social media networks, this is where you want to put special effort. 


Initially the client was not capturing emails on the website, in fact the website was not live.  After we installed the Retreat Invitations email box, we noticed an increase of email addresses that we were collecting. We added another email box on the cover page to provide an opportunity to collect from every prospect twice. The tricky part then remains following up with those email submissions with timely, relevant and inviting value propositions.


Clients who have signed up are personally invited to upcoming events. Through Facebook, the client was invited to co host a premier event at the Four Seasons this summer. The event has a strong media reach and a luxurious setting. We saw this as a great opportunity to grow the clients brand exposure by partnering with the four different collaborators for the exclusive event. This is possible only after you have made a name for yourself. 


Being a daily Yoga instructor & monthly retreat leader, the client enjoys a tribal culture that is health conscious, kind & caring. Acquiring positive testimonials was not a challenge as much as arranging the over flow of positive testimonials. The client produces such amazing services and events that the positive reviews are organic and effortless. If you don't already have happy clients raving about your brand, it is the perfect time to start making that a possibility. 


Much like Testimonials, earned media or celebrity publicity is incredibly desirable for the modern brand identity. The client had gobs of great press when we first began, but they were unknown and not collected anywhere. After two years of developing the site online, he now has many high quality press mentions, and a vibrant press kit to supply the thirst of new media outlets. The image above is the pinnacle of our achievement in earned media. He did all the work and it happened naturally, with a little help from PR Goddess Kim Kessler. If you are not already at the epicenter of chic, then don't worry, there is much we can do to help you earn media and celebrity publicity. 


For booking, we focused on simplicity and direct contact with his booking agent. The booking page was duplicated so that it is the last page of the parallax scroll and it is also on the main navigation. The email link is live and the contact form was very useful in separating clients in terms of services they were interested in. We made it mandatory to include a name, phone, and email in his booking form to avoid confusion. If you are not offering online booking or contact forms, then I can help you change course and begin the painless but fruitful process.

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How I approached new #webdesign for Almadula Farms

The key to working with #craft #cannabis #farming is patience. Knowing that there were several partners who needed to agree on the Almadula Farms website, I was able to relax into the process of gathering page names, copy text, images, and pertinent information to create my infrastructure.